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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 1st Edition

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 1st Edition book cover

About the Book

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare is more than a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence as a tool in the generation and analysis of healthcare data. The book is split into two sections where the first section describes the current healthcare challenges and the rise of AI in this arena. The ten following chapters are written by specialists in each area, covering the whole healthcare ecosystem. First, the AI applications in drug design and drug development are presented followed by its applications in the field of cancer diagnostics, treatment and medical imaging. Subsequently, the application of AI in medical devices and surgery are covered as well as remote patient monitoring. Finally, the book dives into the topics of security, privacy, information sharing, health insurances and legal aspects of AI in healthcare.

Key Features:

  • Highlights different data techniques in healthcare data analysis, including machine learning and data mining
  • Illustrates different applications and challenges across the design, implementation and management of intelligent systems and healthcare data networks
  • Includes applications and case studies across all areas of AI in healthcare data

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SoftTarget Regularization: An Effective Technique to Reduce Over-Fitting in Neural Networks

SoftTarget Regularization: An Effective Technique to Reduce Over-Fitting in Neural Networks

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The NeoPulse® Framework

The NeoPulse Framework is a powerful collection of technologies to put AI into the hands of every enterprise and to solve most types of machine learning problems. It is a fully-featured AI Management System (AIMS) that provides the capability to control and manage AI deployments by taking into consideration issues like versioning, security, scaling, logging and discoverability.
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