Revolutionizing Manufacturing

From machinery in manufacturing to the assembly line and robotics/automation of intelligent factories, Industry 4.0 is all-encompassing. Not only does AI provide supervisory capabilities but also ensures continuity inside the factories. 

Productivity Growth is a Key Driver for Modern Manufacturing Driven by Several Factors


Retiring workforce


Increased competition and decreasing margins


Increasing complexity of manufacturing process and supply chains


Resource efficiency

Why AI in Manufacturing?

Gaining new insights

NeoPulse AI Platform helps manufacturers and other industrial businesses predict their project costs, expedite workplace efficiency and reduce downtime. It’s becoming critical, especially as older, knowledgeable workers retire and leave a skills gap behind. 

Predictive Maintenance

Instead of performing maintenance per schedule, you can use our Deep Learning NeoPulse Platform to predict when part failure might happen. This in return will lead to reduced downtime and prolonged life of the machinery, all without unnecessary interruptions.

New Insights

Our platform has the ability to take vast amounts of data and find patterns that weren’t clearly visible before. Do you have large amounts of inventory sitting in your warehouse? We can help you optimize the process all with less than 20 lines of code!

NeoPulse AI Platform in Manufacturing

Our Enterprise AI Platform Easily Trains AI Models by Using Video Data Collected from CCTV Cameras

Manufacturing plants are equipped with CCTV cameras which are recording continuously, 54GB of data/day/camera. 

NeoPulse trains AI models using video data collected from CCTV cameras which can:

  • Automatically train models using any type of data
  • Distribute training across different teams without sharing data
  • Share models between teams with no effort
  • Manage large scale deployments
3d Rendering Security Camera Or Surveillance Camera In Factory - AI in manufacturing use cases

AI Platform Designed for Manufacturing

NeoPulse is ushering in the future of manufacturing with digital transformation powered by artificial intelligence

Dell & AI Dynamics

Learn how we can help enterprises transform global manufacturing operations while addressing the industry’s challenges of an aging workforce and shrinking margins.

automagically transform raw data into intelligence


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