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NeoPulse® is an end-to-end enterprise AI platform for experts and non-experts alike. Our low code AutoML solution comes with built-in MLOps features and can help your company take AI from the drawing board to implementation in weeks, not months.

Registration of drugs 1000x667
Dell and AI Dynamics Brief 1600 x 1071
Blood derived TB diagnosis using NeoPulse AI platform 900 x 519
Registration of drugs
Machine Learning in Computational Biology 2021

Our poster "Layer-wise relevance propagation reveals novel insight in cancer patient segmentation" got accepted at MLCB 2021 conference.

Dell and AI Dynamics Brief 1600 x 1071
Dell and AI Dynamics Solution Brief

Learn how we can help enterprises transform global manufacturing operations while
addressing the industry’s challenges of an aging workforce and shrinking margins.

Blood derived TB diagnosis using NeoPulse AI platform 900 x 519
AI Dynamics aims to provide TB diagnostics to everyone

We used NeoPulse AI studio and publicly available data to successfully create TB model with 88% accuracy, higher than existing models. 

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how to deploy a PIM with NeoPulse

Universal AI 

Enterprise AI Not Only Good for Business But For The World

AI Dynamics was formed in 2015 on the belief that businesses, regardless of size, should have access to affordable AI solutions. Our Enterprise AI platform, called NeoPulse, is an end-to-end solution that enables engineers to build deep learning models faster than using off-the-shelf libraries while handling dataset management, model tracking, deployment, and monitoring automatically. 

The drag and drop user interface is designed with non-experts in mind, providing prompts on the next steps. Advanced users can write code directly and inspect it in our visual model builder. 

Professional Services 

AI Services for All Business Needs

Our trusted platform allows every enterprise to expand its AI capabilities and deploy them across the organization while providing data security and MLOps capabilities. It is flexible enough to work on-premise, in the cloud, or in heterogeneous environments including some ARM systems.

With that in mind, we understand if you are not sure where to start. Our easy consultative approach will get you started in no time and you will reach full enterprise AI deployment in under 6 months. 

AI enterprise training-Why business love AI Dynamics Platform
Translating Real-World Problems into Machine Learning Problems

Organizations want to solve real-world problems but are often struggling to move beyond testing and deployment stages. NeoPulse AI Platform will “automagically” transform raw data into intelligence with minimal human involvement.  Our easy-to-use and highly accurate AI Platform is simple to implement for every industry, business, and device. We specialize in a wide range of use cases, with a focus on Healthcare & Life Sciences and Industry 4.0.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Generating new drugs,  assisting in clinical trials, biomarker and target identification, and assisting doctors with a faster cancer diagnosis and with greater accuracy.


Providing supervisory capabilities and ensuring continuity inside the factories.

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Excitied to see how  NeoPulse ® works?

Seong-jin Kim
Hyundai Elevator

We were able to successfully train an AI model to recognize complex industrial parts using Neopulse 3.0 on AWS. The AI solution was built very quickly and was able to recognize objects in unpredictable, real-world environments with high accuracy.

Serena Miran
Megazone Cloud

Everybody seems confident in AI, and they actually enjoy solving various AI problems.

Balachandran Rajendran
Dell, Unstructured Data Solutions

The vendor’s services are integral to providing AI solutions for a wider audience. They had an effective project management style, accented by a quick working style.

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Why AI Dynamics?

NeoPulse AI Platform has an AI that builds AI, empowering anyone at any skill level to create AI solutions with minimum coding. For example, with NeoPulse, you can create AI models in as little as 14 lines of code in weeks instead of months.

NeoPulse provides a standardized, reproducible  process to create, distribute and manage AI in the enterprise​. 

In addition, NeoPulse can be deployed in any environment – cloud, on-premise or IoT/Edge Devices. 

Until now, deploying AI models has been expensive, time-consuming and “expert” resource-intensive. However, NeoPulse replaces Ph.D. machine learning experts with the software any developer can use.

Most importantly, we provide AI that can be traced and trusted to the source. Above all, AI Dynamics is firmly against autonomous weapons and committed to ensuring no infringement of human rights. 

Lastly, we pride ourselves on the fact that our results outperform alternatives with an average accuracy rate in the 90s in our AUTO ML mode. 

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