A Robust Enterprise AI Platform

NeoPulse® is an end-to-end artificial intelligence enterprise platform for experts and non-experts alike. Our low code AutoML solution comes with built in MLOps features and can  help your company take AI from the drawing board to implementation in weeks, not months.

Dell Technologies + AI Dynamics Solution Brief

Learn how we can help enterprises transform global manufacturing operations while
addressing the industry’s challenges of an aging workforce and shrinking margins.

We are aI dynamics
Democratizing access to Machine Learning
with governance and auditability built in

AI Dynamics was formed in 2015 on the belief that businesses, regardless of size, should have access to affordable AI solutions. The NeoPulse Enterprise platform is an end-to-end solution, that enables engineers to build deep learning models faster than using off-the-shelf libraries while handling dataset management, model tracking, deployment, and monitoring automatically.

Our trusted AI platform, allows every enterprise to expand their AI capabilities and deploy them across the organization while providing data security and MLOps capabilities. Our platform is flexible enough to work on-premise, in the cloud, or in heterogeneous environments including some ARM systems.

Why NeoPulse® AI Platform?

NeoPulse enables DevOps teams to manage AI solutions without having to be AI experts
Easy-to-Use AI Platform

NeoPulse AI Platform has an AI that builds AI, empowering anyone at any skill level to create AI solutions with minimum coding. For example, with NeoPulse, you can create AI models in as little as 14 lines of code in weeks instead of months.

Scalable AI

NeoPulse provides a standardized, reproducible  process to create, distribute and manage AI in the enterprise​. 

Deploy Anywhere

In addition, NeoPulse can be deployed in any environment – cloud, on-premise or IoT/Edge Devices. 

Affordable AI

Until now, deploying AI models has been expensive, time-consuming and “expert” resource-intensive. However, NeoPulse replaces Ph.D. machine learning experts with the software any developer can use.

Ethical AI

Most importantly, we provide AI that can be traced and trusted to the source. Above all, AI Dynamics is firmly against autonomous weapons and committed to ensuring no infringement of human rights. 

Accurate AI

Lastly, we pride ourselves on the fact that our results outperform alternatives with an average accuracy rate in the 90s in our AUTO ML mode. 

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An Operating System for Enterprise AI

NeoPulse AI Platform democratizes AI by providing Management, Deployment and AUTO ML features in one package
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Simply building an AI isn’t enough – it has to be used. 

In order for AI to be used, it has to be accessible by DevOps teams.

NeoPulse enables DevOps teams to manage AI solutions without having to be AI experts.

Using the unique combination of PIMs and Runtimes, AI models can be deployed to hundreds or even thousands of endpoints.

These endpoints can be managed centrally because each runtime exposes a rich set of APIs and the PIMs contain a large amount of metadata describing the AI model, model baseline performance and machine readable instructions on use.

NeoPulse uses artificial intelligence to create artificial intelligence.

It uses a vast database of machine learning algorithms and decides which one to use and how to tune the “hyper-parameters.”

Like human engineers, it gets better with experience using something called “reinforced learning.”

NeoPulse® Use Cases

NeoPulse AI Platform is simple to implement for every industry, business and device. We specialize in a wide range of use cases, with a focus on Healthcare, Biotechnology and Industry 4.0.

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