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  • Easy to use – makes AI accessible to all engineers
  • Accepts all data types
  • High-performance image and video analysis
  • Can solve 80%+ of machine learning problems
  • Multiple scalable deployment options
  • Governance - you have full control of your AI system
  • Versatile - build a model on any platform and run it on any other platform with an installed NeoPulse Runtime engine
  • Rapid prototyping


  • Exceptional services to accelerate ML adoption and augment DM technologies
  • Integration support
  • Training - get access to a wide range of training tools including online video training, online documentation, onsite training classes and "NeoPulse Certified Engineer" advanced training programs
  • Consulting: Get access to world-class machine learning engineers who can provide any level of support for you to build your own AI models
  • SaaS capabilities to run your model in the cloud and access it with a simple API call

why businesses select AI Dynamics


  • Highly competitive pricing on-premise and in the cloud
  • Edge Devices: volume pricing to run NeoPulse models on a wide range of low power devices with or without network connectivity
  •  Great ROI compared to other market offerings
  •  Scales with the enterprise


  • Extensive enterprise computing background
  •  Multiple PhDs
  •  Over 20 years of R&D
  •  Alumni of HP, Microsoft, Intel, Los Alamos, and others

Jumpstart Services

NeoPulse® JumpStart Training and Model Building Service Offer:
  • Two hour consultation session: what is the right question to ask to address the business challenge?
  • One-day training
  • Build one custom model Proof of Concept (PoC)
    1. Using AI Dynamics (TMO) Professional Services and NeoPulse Studio to overcome the challenges of evaluating AI solutions.
    2. AI Dynamics experts will guide the process in a fast track approach from PoC to deployment.
  • Business Challenge – where to apply AI?
    • Identify a business problem that can be addressed using AI
  • Data Science: A Data Set for analysis
    • Can an available data set be used by an AI model to solve the business problem?
    • Is the data in the cloud or local?
    • PoC’s are often done with data in .csv
  • A PoC AI Model is built and results are shared
    • depending on the complexity of the model and the size of the training data set, the timing is typically 1-2 weeks
  • Transition to a production solution
    • Services to provide a high-level Project Plan to transition PoC to a production-ready version of the model.
  • Integrate the new AI model into an existing application or workflow to infuse it with deep learning
  • Summarize next steps of deploy, rollout, and support based on a “Go or No Go” Decision

NeoPulse® Certified Engineer Program

  • NeoPulse is a powerful platform to automate AI solution building within the enterprise
  • Using NeoPulse, enterprises can build AI solutions for cloud, on-premise, and IoT devices
  • Already, there are several examples of companies using NeoPulse to accelerate AI development and engineering achieving 90% cost reductions
  • Complete a one-week hands-on training session
  • Pass the qualifying exam
  • Complete 25 Certification Education Credits (CECs)* in one calendar year
  • The certification is valid for three years from the completion of the qualifying exam
*Continuing Education Credits can be earned in the following ways:
  • Demonstrating case studies using NeoPulse in production settings in any industry for any problem
  • Contributing to the NeoPulse Modeling Language (NML) Open Source Initiative
  • Doing active research using NeoPulse Studio demonstrated by papers published in reputable journals, talks at major conferences, or research grants
  • Taking AI Dynamics offered courses
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