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The NeoPulse® Product Suite
The NeoPulse Product Suite includes everything needed for a company to start building custom AI solutions based on their own curated data.
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NeoPulse® Studio: AI to build AI

Server application with a powerful AI called “the oracle” that is capable of automating the process of creating sophisticated AI models

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NeoPulse® Manager

Manages your AI infrastructure and orchestrates workflows to automate AI generation activities

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NeoPulse® Runtime

A program that is licensed by the organization to allow any application in the enterprise to access the AI model using a web-based (REST) API*

NeoPulse®: The AI Operating System

NeoPulse is an end-to-end automated AI platform that enables organizations to train, deploy and manage AI solutions in heterogeneous environments, at scale. In other words, every part of the AI engineering workflow can be handled by NeoPulse: designing, training, deploying, managing and retiring.
AI Platform - NeoPulse Operating System workflow

NeoPulse® Automates AI Generation for Most Data Types

The NeoPulse Framework can create machine learning models based on a variety of data types. It supports both supervised (such as classification and regression) and some unsupervised learning (such as GANs and autoencoders).
Image classification using AI platform
image classification
image analysis with AI platform
Object recognition
audio analysis with AI platform
Acoustic/Audio Analysis
DICOM imaging with AI platform
DICOM & 3D Imaging
text analysis with AI platform
Text analysis
video analysis using AI platform
Video analysis
regression analysis with AI platform
Regression/Time series
biotechnology with AI platform
Biochemistry/genomics/ proteomics
8 Steps to Intelligent Applications

NeoPulse enables enterprises to create and deploy AI models quickly and at scale using NeoPulse Studio to create AI models and NeoPulse Runtime to execute the models. Because of the enterprise features, the NeoPulse Framework can produce significant cost and time savings. A company can train and deploy an AI model in minutes!

The first step is to prepare the training data using a CSV file.

If you have high quality properly formatted images, a simple script can construct the .csv file in about 20 minutes.

The NML (NeoPulse Modeling Language) file and the CSV data are compiled and model training is initiated. NeoPulse employs a queuing mechanism so that training jobs can be submitted even if the NeoPulse Studio is busy.

Tip: Copy one of the examples listed on our GitHub page and modify it for your needs – 15 minutes.

Compiling the NML code (assuming no syntax errors) is immediate – seconds.

NeoPulse chooses from over 700,000 possible algorithms to determine the most optimal algorithm.

Training can take time depending on the volume of data and the compute resources available. There’s nothing for you to do but the machine will be busy for a couple of days or more for a decent model.

Fortunately, NeoPulse Studio employs a queuing model – so it doesn’t stop you from starting the next project.

NeoPulse Studio offers powerful tools to evaluate your model including validation accuracy, validation loss, seeing the hyperparameter choices and visualizing the model generated by NeoPulse Studio

Once the validation is complete, the model can be exported.

Exporting a PIM file is simple – choose from a set of models based on accuracy, for example, and simply export in a single call.

Once the model has been exported, the resulting PIM file can be moved to any target environment that is hosting NPR (NeoPulse Runtime). The PIM file can be imported into NPR and NPR will automatically generate a REST interface that can be queried

Importing the model into the Runtime is a simple command – takes just a couple of seconds.

Finally, an application can be written that makes a call to the NPR that is hosting the PIM file.

After importing the model, NeoPulse Runtime automatically generates a RESTful API that allows applications to query the model directly. You don’t need to build any custom APIs to call your model.

Automated AI Platform

On cloud AI platform workflow


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