Web-based management platform that coordinates NeoPulse suite with MLOps and Governance tools

Data Preparation

  • The NeoPulse Platform can accept training datasets from different sources.
  • Using the in-built data viewer, the user can inspect the data, and identify the input and output columns.
  • The dataset can be archived for auditing purposes. 
How to add a view in NeoPulse Manger

Creating & Importing AI Models

  • The visual model builder will solve most problems automatically with an auto block
  • One can use the visual editor to drag and drop layers and get help connecting them
  • Advanced users can write NML code directly and inspect it in the visual model builder
  • Import AI models created with Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch or Chainer
  • Import pretrained models for retraining

Training & Evaluation of AI Models

  • Users can choose a range of loss functions and metrics for evaluating models
  • Users can choose data for validating models or let NeoPulse® choose
  • NeoPulse® explainability features allow users to open ‘black box’ AI models and answer the question ‘why?’
  • Using NeoPulse Manager, a user can evaluate the best model for deployment with a couple of clicks
  • Deployment is simply a drag and drop operation – dragging a model to the right NeoPulse® Runtime cluster or NeoPulse® Runtime group will distribute the  model to all the nodes in the group or cluster automatically
How to deploy a PIM with NeoPulse Manger
NeoPulse Manager DevOps

NeoPulse DevOps Features

  • Monitor AI models in production
  • Stage AI models for inference
  • Group deployment targets for easier management
  • Perform A/B testing to replace models in production 
  • Verify status of production environments
View NeoPulse Manager Demo

NeoPulse can solve hundreds of real-world problems across dozens of industries: industry prediction, preventive maintenance, protein synthesis, repurpose drugs, detecting threats, and much more! Customers can build state-of-the-art models in minutes unlocking millions of dollars of NPV for their businesses every year. 

In this live demo, NeoPulse Manager built a state-of-the-art machine learning model using COVID data from Kaggle with very minimal effort, beating the highest model currently listed with an accuracy of 95.27.

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