Media & Entertainment

If you followed us from the beginning, you probably know, in 2015 we started in the Media and Entertainment space and accumulated quite a few case studies. AI in the media enterprise is being used in many innovative ways such as sports broadcasts, content classification, video games and many more.

NeoPulse AI Platform Can Help Media and Entertainment Companies With

Analysis & Curation


Match content with sentiment to predict behavioral preferences


Fast because queries are laser-focused; not based on meta-data


Automate many production processes

Data Optimization


Filter out information unnecessary for human perception


Reduce space needs while maintaining or improving fidelity

Cost reduction

For increased data demands, the infrastructure costs decrease

Why AI in
Media & Entertainment

There’s simply too much work to be done manually and automation has become a critical component for media companies that want to remain competitive in the digital space.  Automation can occur across the entire digital media process – from analysis and ideation to content creation and delivery.

Content Classification and Personalization

The implementation of AI in media and entertainment can help automate classification and personalization of content. NeoPulse platform can analyze objects and data about a specific type of content to include in a particular category. For example, we can identify and analyze different objects in various movies and details about their genre, cast and crew to decide which category would be the most suitable. 


Every country and platform has certain regulations regarding which kind of content can be broadcasted. In some countries, adult content cannot be shown on television, whereas in others it’s permitted. NeoPulse platform can perform sentiment recognition and image and object analysis in movies and TV shows to identify sensitive content. 

AI Platform Designed for Media & Entertainment
NeoPulse is designed to put AI into the hands of editors, journalist and producers by lowering barriers to entry



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