Enterprise AI Framework Deployment Options

NeoPulse® Studio

Ideal for:

  • Instant access via web services – pay only for the time used
  • Companies and individual developers that don’t want to spend resources on server farms
  • Any size project, any size team

NeoPulse® Studio & NeoPulse® Runtime

Ideal For:

  • Projects that require data to remain on-premise
  • Hybrid AI solutions (when used with cloud subscription)
  • Any size project, any size team

On-Premise Software License

NeoPulse® Runtime

NeoPulse Runtime (NPR) provides the functionality to query AI models generated by NeoPulse Studio (NS). It contains a lightweight subset of the NS framework so that models trained with NeoPulse Studio can be moved to production-ready environments where they can be queried using a simple RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) or Command Line Interface (CLI) or Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Need Help Deciding What is Right for Your Business?

NeoPulse® Support and Maintenance Agreement

Ideal for:

  • Deeper customer support services for on-premise use 
  • Specific on-premise software service levels and a maintenance plan

Support Services

AI Model Building Seminars & Training Sessions (1 or 2 Day On-Site Sessions)

Ideal for:

  • Hands-on instruction for small or large groups
  • Group sessions for learning what opportunities for AI enhancement exist with the available data 
  • Guidance on starting pilot projects 
  • Information on tailoring AI projects to different departmental needs and providing each department with access to AI models

Model Building Services

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automagically transform raw data into intelligence


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