Changing Information Technology

NeoPulse Enterprise AI platform can effectively be used to create expert systems that will exhibit intelligent behavior, provide solutions to complicated problems, and further help to develop simulations equivalent to human intelligence within machines.

AI in Information Technology Can Help You Answer These Questions


Can my department develop better fraud detection and response?


Can AI help me monitor my network infrastructure and help identify potential issues?


Can AI provide an additional level of security in my organization and help identify data breaches? 


Can my business automate many of the backend processes?

Why AI in Information Technology

building secure systems

Data security is always of critical importance especially for government and private organizations which store tons of data. Deep learning can provide the necessary layer in the security system by identifying potential threats and data breaches, while also providing solutions to avoid such loopholes.

automating processes

With NeoPulse deep learning platform, organizations can automate backend processes, producing cost savings and reducing human intervention. Our “Oracle,” AI that builds AI, improves over time and learns from the mistakes, enhancing productivity.

fraud detection

Servers are bombarded with millions of requests on a day to day basis. Using AI and deep learning, you can process large amounts of data much faster than any human. NeoPulse can help identify patterns of behavior by users that match past instances of fraud and establish more effective preventative measures.

AI Platform Designed for Information Technology

NeoPulse is designed to put AI into the hands of developers and organizations by lowering barriers to entry

automagically transform raw data into intelligence



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