Simplifying Healthcare

The costs and demands upon the healthcare system are growing at an alarming rate. The good news is that AI is set to transform the industry in almost every area including insurance, hospital management, lifestyle, mental health, drug discovery, and diagnostics.


Percentage of GDP spent on healthcare in OECD Countries


Bioinformatics market size by 2030


Percentage of population in G-7 countries who were over 65 in 2014

6 out of 10

Causes of death are preventable cardiovascular diseases or diabetes

AI in healthcare ai use cases
Real GDP     — Real Health Expenditure

Why AI in Healthcare?

Performing routine tasks better than humans

From radiology to IPS cell sorting to spectrography – ability to process volumes of data without human involvement can both accelerate processes and reduce costs and errors.

Gaining new insights

Identifying CMC issues before they happen in drug production, new drugs, biomarkers, health issues or at risk patients can save lives, reduce costs and create new products.

Emulating humans

Increasingly, insurance companies and healthcare providers are using digital assistants to help patients and customers make better decisions or inform them without increasing costs.

AI Platform Designed for Healthcare

AI is only valuable when it can do something a human currently can’t do or do something better than a human can. We aren’t at a point where AI is replacing your doctor because it currently lacks the ability to have a bedside manner or connect the dots on everything at play that impacts your health. But AI is, and will more broadly in the near future, be assisting doctors to help them do things like diagnose an ailment faster and with greater accuracy.

automagically transform raw data into intelligence



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