Different regions of the world have different standards regarding what is considered appropriate or not. Furthermore, context matters – what might be ok at home may not be appropriate in the office.

use case

  • A US broadcaster was fined by the FCC for showing adult content during primetime. The problem was that the offending scene did not involve any of the actors or actresses but a video that was playing in the background
  • A model to identify any type of adult content even if it was in the background was able to identify the offending scene

How to Customize

  • Collect content that is considered inappropriate to train a model to identify specific types of content
  • Applicable to media editing, media filtering and media classification
Hyundai Elevator color logo
Seong-jin Kim
Hyundai Elevator

We were able to successfully train an AI model to recognize complex industrial parts using Neopulse 3.0 on AWS. The AI solution was built very quickly and was able to recognize objects in unpredictable, real-world environments with high accuracy.

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Serena Miran
Megazone Cloud

Everybody seems confident in AI, and they actually enjoy solving various AI problems.

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Balachandran Rajendran
Dell, Unstructured Data Solutions

The vendor’s services are integral to providing AI solutions for a wider audience. They had an effective project management style, accented by a quick working style.



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