IPS is used extensively to generate differentiated cells that can be used for treatments or drug research but examining differentiated cells from stem cells is time consuming and error prone.

use case

  • A model was trained to differentiate between an IPS* cell and a kidney podocyte using an extensive database of IPS cells and podocytes
  • Image segmentation was used to mark podocytes

How to Customize

  • Depending on the type of project, a dataset of the different classes of cells will be needed to build a customized version of the model
  • Applicable to clinical/diagnostic and research areas
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Seong-jin Kim
Hyundai Elevator

We were able to successfully train an AI model to recognize complex industrial parts using Neopulse 3.0 on AWS. The AI solution was built very quickly and was able to recognize objects in unpredictable, real-world environments with high accuracy.

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Serena Miran
Megazone Cloud

Everybody seems confident in AI, and they actually enjoy solving various AI problems.

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Balachandran Rajendran
Dell, Unstructured Data Solutions

The vendor’s services are integral to providing AI solutions for a wider audience. They had an effective project management style, accented by a quick working style.

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