Nobutaka Ishikawa Director of AI Dynamics

Former Siemens Healthcare Head of Enterprise Services, Nobutaka Ishikawa to lead the expansion and manage exponential company growth; P&E Directions CEO Naoki Shimada Appointed to Board

Bellevue, WA, July 21, 2021 – AI Dynamics Inc., an end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) platform, today announced expansion into Japan with a new operating office in Tokyo. Additionally, the company has appointed former Siemens Healthcare head of enterprise and digital services in Japan, Nobutaka Ishikawa, as the Japanese representative director responsible for managing the company’s first subsidiary outside the US and is focused on growing the Asian market. As part of this expansion, the company has also appointed Naoki Shimada, founder, and CEO of P&E Directions, to the board of directors. The news comes on the heels of an exponential year of growth in 2020 and the first half of 2021 for the company.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant shift in thinking as the next generation of technology is transforming factories into smart factories that are capable of self-optimization, managing supply chains on their own, or even supervising employees – all with the use of artificial intelligence. With Japan situated as the third-largest economy with the third largest manufacturing output totaling nearly $1T in exports, they are looking to short-circuit the path to AI adoption. To do this, Japanese businesses are increasingly looking at platform-based solutions that offer a single, cohesive approach to the creation, deployment, and management of AI. They are also looking at ways to transform troves of data into real intelligence whether in the back office or on the factory floor. It is in this environment that AI Dynamics is finding increased traction in Japan.

Japan is a difficult place to crack in regards to building a business as an outsider. AI Dynamics truly understands the needs to the top manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies here.

– Naoki Shimada, AI Dynamics Board of Directors

“There’s a lot of people working on AI projects in Japan, but effective AI work requires quite a bit of engineering talent, specialized industry knowledge, and large data sets around very specific questions,” said Allen Miner, Founder, CEO Sunbridge Partners. “Before AI Dynamics, I had not seen companies achieving this in Japan. When I heard their users’ experiences building AI without the same kind of specialty programming skills that have been required in the past and a business model which applies a small engine to run it efficiently in multiple locations, I knew Japan would immediately latch on.

“Japan is a difficult place to crack in regard to building a business as an outsider,” said Naoki Shimada, CEO and founder of P&E Directions and board of directors, AI Dynamics Inc. “This is largely because Japanese are careful decision-makers who are looking to make long term business partnerships that will deliver impactful ROI. AI Dynamics truly understands the needs of the top manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies here. The value they are delivering to these well-known Japanese staples is one thing, but their ability to seamlessly integrate into the region is yet another which is why I’m thrilled to join the board of directors and am confident this is just the start of exponential growth for the company.”

Mr. Ishikawa comes to AI Dynamics Inc. with an extensive background in engineering and finance. He has an MBA from Wharton in Finance and a master’s in electrical engineering from Tokyo University. He started his career as an engineer with NTT Docomo. Mr. Ishikawa worked as a strategy consultant with Bain & Company and as a director with the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, a private equity fund, and led the turnaround of one of their portfolio companies within three years to a successful exit.

“This is a fantastic opportunity that I’m thrilled to take on,” said Nobutaka Ishikawa. “Leveraging my previous experience with Siemens Healthcare in digitalization, I know first-hand the challenges digital transformation brings and am highly motivated to help organizations across Japan fast track the process with artificial intelligence. AI Dynamics’s platform approach will no doubt revolutionize businesses in the region, and I’m honored to be leading the charge.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to launch our first subsidiary outside of the US in Japan with Mr. Ishikawa leading the way,” said Rajeev Dutt, CEO and founder of AI Dynamics Inc. “As a platform company we are seeing the greatest interest for AI in Japan and Asia more broadly. Japan is in the midst of a major transformation to Society 5.0 and we believe that we are in the right place at the right time to help lead the way in this incredible opportunity.”

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AI Dynamics Inc., formerly DimensionalMechanics Inc., is a global organization founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to change the world. The company’s NeoPulse® Framework is a scalable end-to-end AI platform transforming how organizations innovate and grow. Considered to be the first true ‘operating system for AI,’ NeoPulse® is a new AI development standard that empowers anyone at any skill level to create AI solutions with minimum coding and at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with artificial intelligence. NeoPulse® is the only AI platform that enables a standardized, reproducible process to create, distribute, and manage AI in the enterprise. A trusted solution, NeoPulse® also provides data governance and can be deployed on any on-premise device, cloud, or IoT environment. For more information, visit

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