Factories are data-rich environments with many opportunities to incorporate AI with the goal of improving product quality, production speed, worker safety and productivity, while simultaneously reducing marginal unit costs! While AI holds tremendous promise for the manufacturing sector, widespread implementation has been inhibited by a global AI talent shortage exacerbated in recent years by deglobalization and wage inflation. 

AI Dynamics and Dell have come together to forge a path forward, empowering factories to overcome these challenges and improve business operations. By combining the power of the AI Dynamics NeoPulse platform with Dell Technologies’ scalable and easy to manage PowerScale NAS, we can empower your subject matter experts to address common manufacturing challenges in the areas of infrastructure complexity and interoperability, data management, edge-to-core-to-Cloud deployments, and machine learning governance.

The 5 most significant features of the NeoPulse platform include:

  • Data Engineering
    • Clean data sets
    • Annotate data
    • Identify anomalies
    • Integrate with AI development – keep track of what data sets were used to train what model
  • AI Development and Engineering
    • Low code/no code ML model development
    • Integrate third party AI models
    • Automate retraining
    • Visual interface
    • AI model performance baselining
  • AI Deployment and Management
    • Organize machines, devices, data sets, applications, and models
    • Drag-and-drop deployment
    • Production monitoring and A/B testing
    • Role-based control of assets and resources
    • Deployment to the edge, on-premise, to the cloud or hybrid environments
  • AI Governance
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Provenance
    • Data source integrity
  • Scaling
    • Deploy models across hundreds of systems

What about data?

The volume of data is growing at an accelerating rate and the composition of new data is also changing significantly from traditionally structured, block data to much more unstructured, file and object-based data, presenting a new problem for manufacturers. Deploying a Dell EMC PowerScale running the OneFS operating system offers organizations low latency, high availability, performant data storage, and the ability to start with a deployment as small as 11 Terabytes and seamlessly scale up to 10s of Petabytes. At the same time, OneFS manages data replication, security, and performance optimization. 

Combining AI Dynamics’ NeoPluse Platform with the Dell EMC PowerScale offers a unified AI platform that enables enterprise-wide AI management, deployment and governance with efficient reusable, automated model development pipelines across the organization, and ultimately, a Smart Factory.

For a deeper understanding and case study of how this unified system works, read this white paper on Dell Technologies’ site and contact us today!

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