‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ – Juliet

Five years after our founding, we are changing our name to AI Dynamics Inc. DimensionalMechanics is no more. No longer will our employees have to write out a twenty-three character domain (excluding the dot) when writing down their email addresses, worrying about whether or not there is enough space in the text field to accommodate their whole email address (one of our employees had to enter a full forty-one characters), quietly cursing the idiot who came up with the name (yours truly), and thanking the inventor of autocomplete (Kevin Gibbs if you are curious).

Aside from the inconvenience, why are we changing our name?

Allow me to reminisce for a moment. I am a physicist by training and the words “dimensional” and “mechanics” are near and dear to anyone who dares deal with the arcane rules of the universe such as four-dimensional space-time or classical mechanics. Having established the physics connection, how are these words applicable to an AI company? Without going into details, worrying about dimensions is something that every machine learning practitioner does and if we had a technology that could automatically handle the “mechanics” of dimensions, then “DimensionalMechanics” would be a perfect name. Right?

In 2015, when we founded the company, our sole mission was to create something revolutionary – a technology that could become the foundation of the AI revolution. Five years and ten million dollars later, our platform is ready. Forged by great engineers, mathematicians and physicists working in conjunction with academia and industry, honing it to the point that it is now the only true enterprise ready AI engine available. One of our early investors called us “the operating system for AI” and that is what we are striving to be.

We are entering a new phase in our company’s history. DimensionalMechanics was about engineering and research and, while AI Dynamics will preserve the DNA of the original company in its ability to innovate, the new company is about turning us into a standard through accelerated commercialization and growth of a vibrant developer community. AI Dynamics is about spreading the wings of our company into the dawn of the AI revolution that will add about $15 trillion to the world’s economy by 2030.

DimensionalMechanics was about our start. It was our garage phase with bearded mathematicians in Birkenstock sandals gathered around whiteboards and coding furiously, powered by Coke Zeros and pizzas. AI Dynamics takes what we built and turns it into a product that anyone can access to change the world.

So, what’s in a name?

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