Happy August! I hope you all are happy, healthy, and enjoying your summer.

If you’re considering AI for your business, I’d highly recommend listening to this week’s Vlog to hear some great advice on how to get started. Oftentimes, that means just starting with a conversation about what your pain points are – you don’t have to feel like you need to know exactly how AI can help before you jump in.

This week, I got to sit down with Anna Thompson, our VP of Business Development. I always love chatting with Anna because not only does she always have the biggest personality with energy that’s contagious, but she always gives me a unique perspective on our business. Anna is on the front lines and is often the first person at our company to talk to customers and understand their business needs and why they are looking to artificial intelligence to help solve them. She was also one of the very first employees at AI Dynamics, formally DimensionalMechanics, so she’s been along for the ride since the very beginning.

So, check out the video below to hear some surprising details about what businesses think they want AI to solve versus where it actually leads them to help transform their business. Plus, Anna tells me about how many business’s needs are changing during this pandemic and how AI is helping them quickly adapt.

If you’re ready to start the convo to see how artificial intelligence can help your business, reach out to us at info@aidynamics.com and let’s chat!

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