We’re back with another Vlog! This time around, I snagged a little more time from Rajeev Dutt, our CEO and Founder, to dig deeper into how we started five years ago and where we are today.

But, before you dive in – are there topics you’d like us to cover in the next Vlog? Burning questions you want answered? Folks you want to hear from that you haven’t yet? Shoot us a note: info@aidynamics.com or find us on social media and let us know.

Alright, check out my chat with Rajeev to hear about how we are scaling out our AI solution to ARM based devices for one of our customers. Make sure to hang on until the end to hear about what Rajeev likes to do in his spare time…hint, hint, it involves rockets.



P.S. For a full video, head over to our YouTube channel.

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