‘Everything goes wrong and just two things go right. You have to just keep going and along the way, adjust your path.’ – Rajeev Dutt

What’s a Vlog you might ask? Go check out our first one if you haven’t already and then meet me right back here…

Hey, you’re back!

Well, we are still working from home and are feeling very fortunate that all of us at AI Dynamics are safe and healthy, albeit missing each other. As many of you can relate, working from home often means all business and no play. A couple of weeks ago we gathered as a team via Zoom to play Jackbox to compete for the best t-shirt design. I haven’t laughed that much in a while and I was surprised to learn a lot more about my colleagues and their amazing sense of humor.

That’s one way we are trying to stay connected as a team and another is through these Vlogs. As I mentioned last time, I’m taking these unique circumstances as an opportunity to connect a little deeper with my colleagues and continue to learn more about AI Dynamics and what makes us tick as a team while bringing you along for the ride.

This week on our Vlog, I got to catch up with Rajeev Dutt, our CEO and Founder, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for nearly five years. We chat about how we went from an AI company focused on the media and entertainment industry, to becoming an AI operating system. Plus, I was thrilled to learn things I didn’t know about how our company was founded and an aspiration project Rajeev is calling ‘A Thousand Cuts.’

We hope you are happy, healthy, and safe and would love to hear from you!

– Katharine


We tried to keep this one short and sweet, but Rajeev and I like to chat so if you’re inclined, you can head over to our YouTube channel for the full convo 🙂

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