From NScreenMedia (Author: Colin Dixon):

Building deep learning abilities into apps

Artificial Intelligence was a big theme at the show, and IBM continued to press its bid for market leader status. However, one of the drawbacks of Watson in the cloud is that once integrated into an application a user must pay each time they use it.

Dimensional Mechanics (DM) wants to change that. I spoke with Rajeev Dutt, Founder, and CEO of the company. DM sells the NeoPulse Framework which Mr. Dutt described as making AI simple. He says it also dramatically reduces the amount of software code that needs to be written to create deep learning solutions.

NeoPulse is like a software SDK for AI. Using just a few lines of code a programmer can produce a portable inference model (PIM) and include it with a video app. This PIM can do sophisticated video analysis allowing it to automatically identify pornography in a movie, even if the pornography is a video playing on television in a scene from the movie.

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