Rajeev Dutt, CEO of DimensionalMechanics, Inc®., today receives the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from 425 Business Magazine. Rajeev Dutt launched DimensionalMechanics in 2015. This year DimensionalMechanics released an AI framework that enables developers and companies to build and distribute AI models. The NeoPulse AI Framework simplifies machine learning and enables distribution of portable inference models, making AI accessible to companies of all sizes.

From article:

With a background in science and mathematical physics, Rajeev Dutt always has had an interest in artificial intelligence. His desire to see AI integrated as a part of everyday life is what led him to co-found DimensionalMechanics, a Bellevue company that aims to make AI more accessible in the business sector.

Since launching in 2015, DimensionalMechanics has rolled out a variety of products, including off-the-shelf AI solutions that help media companies with everything from photo ranking to headline writing, as well as the company’s most recent product, NeoPulse AI Studio, which allows businesses to quickly and easily create custom AI solutions.

“It’s exciting that companies with all levels of expertise can now harness the power of AI to answer critical questions with one-click installation,” Dutt said of the platform.

Like most entrepreneurs, Dutt’s road to success has had its bumps. He said his biggest struggle is finding a healthy work/life balance. But he’s also learned a lot from that experience, and shares this piece of advice: “Don’t build battleships. If you undertake a massive project with no fixed end, you are setting yourself up for failure.” — MG

Source: 425 Business

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