The DimensionalMechanics team is looking forward to convening with the broadcast media world at IBC next week! Below is a press release with more on our solutions bringing the power of artificial intelligence to broadcast.

Company’s NeoPulse® solutions platform integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems, drive media content curation, engagement and optimization

September 1, 2016, Seattle, Wash.—Why does certain media content attract the most eyeballs in specific markets? Can broadcasters more effectively catch a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ before it slips through the delay? Where’s the best place to insert an advertisement? Broadcast media professionals convening at the 2016 International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam next month will ask these questions—and more—as they look to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape.

Artificial intelligence (AI) company, DimensionalMechanics, is unlocking the answers.

The company’s cloud-based enterprise AI platform, NeoPulse® and its media-focused broadcast solutions, NeoPulse Profile and NeoPulse Expert, are designed to address a wide range of challenges across the media industry, and integrate directly with existing enterprise systems. NeoPulse analyzes feature-rich content, including images, video and natural language, and provides suggestions to best deliver that content.

In one use case, developed in partnership with a leading U.S. broadcast company, the team analyzed the sentiment, tone and content of 30,000 online news stories and headlines against clicks, time spent on the page, and other historical metrics.

Using this analysis, the system empowers users to measure and improve numerous facets of media engagement. When entering an original headline, NeoPulse will score the likelihood a reader will click on it to an accuracy of 96 percent— then recommend headline edits to improve the quality of headlines, and increase click through by up to 200 percent. By the time a reader finishes the article, NeoPulse will predict, with 92 percent accura​cy, which headlines they will click next.

Among many capabilities, the solutions enable users to:

  • Identify what content will best resonate with a given market or audience.
  • Pinpoint the underlying characteristics of a piece of content to tell users why it will (or will not) be successful.
  • Identify inappropriate content – currently in images, and soon in video.
  • Recommend programming and advertisements for specific markets, audiences, time slots, and more.
  • Offer insights into how to deliver high-quality media content to a particular end point.

By experiencing content the way a human would—learning from sensory input, perceiving sentiment, and understanding substance of what it experience—the platform equips users with tools and knowledge to produce more compelling material and reduce cost per impression.

‘We’ve listened closely to the challenges broadcasters face at this pivotal crossroads; as audiences segment and spend more time on their computers and smartphones, the struggle for eyeballs has never been so broad—or so personal,’ said Rajeev Dutt, CEO of DimensionalMechanics. ‘NeoPulse addresses these challenges by integrating directly into existing systems, enabling decision-makers to apply human-like intuition to their data and content, placing actionable feedback at their fingertips.’

The beta versions of the NeoPulse solutions are currently available to organizations interested in utilizing the platform. At IBC, DimensionalMechanics will schedule private demonstrations with broadcast industry professionals and discuss how AI can address industry obstacles to come. Those interested in scheduling a demonstration or becoming a beta user may visit or contact

‘IBC is a great opportunity to keep our finger on the pulse of the broadcast world and forge new development partnerships,’ Dutt said. ‘As media continues to evolve, we’ll make sure NeoPulse evolves right alongside it.’

About DimensionalMechanics

DimensionalMechanics Inc®. is making artificial intelligence scalable, enabling users to solve enterprise challenges by incorporating the power of human intelligence into existing systems. The company offers NeoPulse®, a flexible cloud-based platform that will allow customers to build applications and equip any system with the human-like ability to filter out unnecessary data and learn from new stimuli; simulate or visualize complex models or images based on multiple inputs; and find meaning in rich content for curation and predictive analytics. The extensible platform allows developers to create an endless array of AI-powered applications. NeoPulse, currently under development, drives NeoPulse Expert, NeoPulse Profile and NeoPulse 3D, vertical solutions focused on content analysis and curation for media and 3D simulation for design. DimensionalMechanics was founded in February 2015 in Bellevue, Washington.

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