As organizations continue to create massive amounts of data, IT infrastructure can become increasingly overburdened and suffer from performance incidents related to storage subsystems. Historically, it has been difficult for IT departments to proactively predict these incidents in time to address them before performance was impacted in a material way, sometimes across the entire organization.

A new white paper from Dell Technologies illustrates how a deep learning based prediction system empowers IT departments with predictive insights to better identify performance issues before they are likely to occur so that they can be prevented from happening in the first place.

The paper explores Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), a methodology of combining the capabilities of Dell PowerScale All-Flash Storage Platforms and AI Dynamics NeoPulse Platform. Joint solution benefits listed include:

  • Ability to forecast the next four hours of NFS latency, based on the previous four hours of PowerScale performance data 
  • Ability to accurately identify the specific 5-minute periods when a >10ms latency spike would occur more than 70% of the time, with low false positives
  • An AI solution that is capable of being readily adapted to predict other performance metrics, e.g., NFS throughput, SMB latency, IOPS, bandwidth, node availability, etc.
  • Ability to constantly learn, update, and improve the AI model for each individual customer, on premise and locally without reporting metadata back to the cloud 

“As the amount of data the world produces and stores is now measured in exabytes per day, machine learning is the key technology that will allow humanity to process that data into wisdom. Machine learning solutions that constantly learn and adapt on the edge are key to enabling smart IT operations systems that maintain privacy and benefit organizations of all sizes,” said Ryan Monsurate, Chief Technology Officer of AI Dynamics. “We’re excited to be included in this joint project with Dell, showing how AIOps can help Dell’s customers improve their operating leverage.”

The full white paper is now live on Dell Technologies’ website. To learn more, contact us today!

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