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Artificial intelligence in finance and insurance is a powerful tool when it comes to analyzing historic data and real-time activity to predict market volatility. NeoPulse Deep Learning Platform can easily make accurate predictions and forecasts based on prior historic data which could be vital to business planning.

AI in Finance and Insurance Can Help You Answer These Questions


Can AI be used by analysts to predict volatility in the market?

sales forecasting

Can my organization create deep learning models to accurately predict sales forecasts?


Can brokers use AI to identify high-risk customers and adjust premiums accordingly?


Can my business create accurate predictions for stock performance by using historic data?

Why AI in
Finance & Insurance
Sales Forecasting

AI is data-driven and dependent, so it’s only natural to have it incorporated in financial and insurance industries where a large volume of records created daily. Without sales forecasting, it’s really hard to determine your business budget, identify risks and set expectations. We are proud to produce results in the 85% range. 


Determining future patterns in the market is easy with NeoPulse AI platform. Using large volumes of historical data, we observe patterns and make predictions with high accuracy, very minimal coding and short amount of time.

Customizing Premiums

Customizing insurance policies will likely become insurance industry standard. The insurance enterprise sector can lose billions each year due to miscalculated premiums. By collecting the data, we can identify high-risk customers and adjust premiums accordingly.

AI Platform Designed for Finance & Insurance
NeoPulse is designed to put AI into the hands of analysts, brokers and organizations by lowering barriers to entry

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