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Looking to use AI on your life-science data? Apply to win free consulting and software from AI Dynamics!

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AI Dynamics is looking for high-impact healthcare-related problems to be solved by AI. Two (2) selected winners will receive: 

(1) A hundred-hour equivalent project consulting support (up to 6 months)

(2) Twelve (12) months license of an enterprise NeoPulse suite (includes – 1 NeoPulse Data, 3 NeoPulse Studio, 5 NeoPulse RunTime, and 1 NeoPulse Manager) 

Selection Criteria

1. Must have an impact on the healthcare industry

2. Strong scientific rationale

3. Feasibility – data quality and quantity

4. Submitter’s bioinformatics knowledge is not required

5. Only ONE submission per company

6. Must be MBC BioLabs resident


Kick-off Webinar:


BioSaaS Q&A Sessions:

  • Every Tuesday from 1-3 PM in San Carlos
  • Every Wednesday from 1-3 PM in San Francisco

Winner selection timeline:

  • Application due – 4/15/2022 
  • Selected candidates may be asked to present the idea virtually
  • Final decisions will be made by 5/31/2022 
  • Earliest project start date: 6/1/2022  (the project needs to be started within 6 months from the decision announcement) 
  • AID will announce winners’ name, affiliation, and the title of the project to public
  • AID will joint market and PR the results of the model
  • We do not publish your application slide deck, however, please do not include any confidential information in the application
  • Upon completion of the project, the data contained within the NeoPulse® Portable Inference Model (the “PIM”) becomes the exclusive property of the winners
  • AID reserves the right to use the metadata and model parameters to improve its products and services. 

In this Agreement, the “NeoPulse® Platform” means the AI platform system developed by AI Dynamics and consist of but not limited to NeoPulse® Manager, NeoPulse® Studio, NeoPulse® Runtime, NeoPulse® Data and all associated code, scripts, modules and documentation. 

The NeoPulse® Platform is exclusively the property of AI Dynamics and may not be copied, reproduced, disassembled, reverse engineered or disseminated electronically, mechanically, or using any other mechanism without the exclusive written approval of a designated representative of AI Dynamics . 

A NeoPulse® Portable Inference Model (the “PIM”) is a proprietary format that consists of data such as coefficients and weights, collectively called the model parameters, that are generated by the NeoPulse® Platform and associated components using training data that may be provided by the CUSTOMER. The PIM may also contain metadata such as performance characteristics, model definition, and other information necessary for the NeoPulse® Platform to make use of the PIM.  The model parameters and the PIM metadata together provide instructions to the NeoPulse® Platform to allow users to make queries and generate an inference based on input data. The inference may include but is not limited to classifying objects such as images, text, video, and sound, segmenting images, generating data conforming to some pattern, discovering patterns, identifying clusters, and optimization actions. 

Upon completion of the project, the data contained within the PIM becomes the exclusive property of the applicant. The applicant may copy, distribute, or store the PIM from, to or on any medium of the applicant’s choosing without the permission of AI Dynamics. Upon completion of the project, AI Dynamics shall not distribute or publish the PIM or the unique metadata and model parameters stored therein without the explicit permission of the applicant. AI Dynamics, however, reserves the right to use the metadata and model parameters to improve its products and services and to provide support to the applicant without any financial or other compensation to the applicant. 

Notwithstanding the above, at no point may the applicant disassemble, reverse engineer or attempt to decrypt the contents of the PIM. In this regard, the PIM may be viewed as byte code similar to that which is contained within a software executable. To view or use the contents of the PIM, the applicant shall use the “NeoPulse® Runtime” (“NPQR”) or other software explicitly authorized by AI Dynamics for this purpose. Bypassing the security elements of, disassembling, reverse engineering, or attempting to decrypt the contents of the PIM without the use of NPQR or other software explicitly authorized by AI Dynamics, or without the exclusive written approval of AI Dynamics invalidates any and all support agreements with AI Dynamics and is considered a material breach of this Agreement. 

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